About me!

In 2006 I was introduced to lampwork glass and was fascinated with it. I was hooked! It took me several years to gather all the proper equipment but once I had, I enjoyed every minute I was able to sit in my garage studio and make glass beads. Primary self-taught going through Corina Tettinger's book. Once I felt comfortable I started taking weekend classes with well-known lampwork artists. I was privileged to be taught by Kristina Loga, Heather Trimlett, and Pati Walton.

It was when I learned how to make glass cabochons that it took me in a whole new direction in jewelry making. I had been stringing my beads, but now I needed to learn how to set my cabochons to create the type of piece I wanted. I dove into silversmithing, primarily self-taught with the help of YouTube!

I learned how to etch to give my pieces texture.  I then discovered how I could use my own mandala patterns in my jewelry which I believe helped me to gain my own voice in my pieces.

My work brings balance to my life and happiness to my soul. I hope the same will happen to all the women and men that delight in my pieces.