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2022 The Year of Glass

Did you know that 2022 has been recognized as the International Year of Glass by the United Nations General Assembly? From the Romans and their history of glassmaking which dates back at least 3,600 years ago, through to the high-tech innovation of today, glass has always been by our sides as part of civilization, science, art and culture.

This year, many will celebrate the past, present, and future of this iconic material, and reflect on how glass has played a part in our society.

For me, it is all about the art glass. I have dabbled in stained glass and fused glass, but my heart belongs to lampwork glass.

The Art of Making Lampwork Glass Beads:

The earliest verifiable lampwork glass goes back to the fifth century BC! The word lampwork glass comes from the fact that an oil-fueled lamp, was used by the Artist, as their torch to melt glass.

Murano, Italy is where lampworking became wildly popular in the 14th century, and Murano glass is still used today in bead making.

Let me show you how a simple bead is made using a torch and glass rods.

My goal in making lampwork glass beads and cabochons is to have balance in both their design and colors. Bringing together a piece of jewelry that captivates your eye and delights your soul!

Happy International Year of Glass to you!

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