Polishing cloth

Ever wonder: Can you wash a Polishing Cloth?

Many of you know I giveaway a small polishing cloth with each piece of jewelry you purchase.  Sterling silver does tarnish, so to keep your jewelry beautiful you do need to clean it on occasion.

You may have noticed that your polishing cloth, gets dark and, well, grungy looking after a while.  So, I was wondering, can you wash a polishing cloth?

The answer is No!

There is a tarnish-cleaning compound that is woven into a pretreated polishing cloth.  Washing it away can damage the compounds and negate the ability of the polishing cloth to work.

What to do with the tarnished cloth?

Those black or gray spots on your polishing cloth are simply tarnish.  The cloth itself can still be quite effective even with the spots, so keep using it until it is no longer able to shine up your beautiful jewelry or becomes pilled (like your old sweaters).   The average polishing cloth lasts about 2 years.

A good practice to keep your polishing cloth going for you a bit longer, is to fold it in half or quarters, then use the smaller section until they get covered with tarnish. When you need to, move on to a clean section, and keep polishing!

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