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Viva Magenta - 2023 Color of the Year!

Move over subtle neutrals: Viva Magenta is Pantone™s color of the year for 2023! A color that just vibrates with vim and vigor.

It is brave and fearless, and a color whose exuberance promotes joy and optimism.  It is my kind of color!

While Viva Magenta descends from the red family, it also leans towards pink. Color psychology tells us that red hues tend to communicate passion, love, power, vigor, and urgency. Meanwhile, pink shades are associated with romance, playfulness, caring, and youth. 

In the fashion world, Viva Magenta is a beautiful hue of red, with hints of pink and purple. Surprisingly there are many wonderful color combinations featured in Design with the Pantone Color of the Year with 6 Viva Magenta color palettes.  

Here are a couple of my favorites.

It easily combines with wonderful hues of rich browns and purples giving you a warm and cozy look. Dress it up a bit with the Sparkling Amethyst Filigree Necklace, that sparkles with shades of magenta and purple, to add that pop of color!

Springtime is coming, and this combination is going to be a big hit! Bright and fun! Add a bit of uniqueness with beautiful Viva Magenta Half Mandala earrings! You will stop them in their tracks!

Get inspired and shop fun pieces to bring these bright, beautiful colors into your wardrobe with Cindy Gentry Designs!

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