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Caring for your Cindy Gentry Designs

Jewelry is for a lifetime, but how you care for your sterling silver jewelry can make all the difference in how it will look when you pull it out of your jewelry storage year after year. 

Your designs from my studio are made of sterling silver, which, if not cared for, can tarnish, and take on a dark hue.  Not to worry! There is no reason not to wear that piece of jewelry, it just needs some quick TLC!

Here are some tips that can help you along the way!

Wear your jewelry as often as you can! 

Yes, wearing your sterling silver jewelry help keep it clean.  This is because of our natural skin oils so simply wearing your jewelry and not leaving it in your jewelry box will keep it looking good!  

Removing your Jewelry is just as important!

Household chemicals sweat, and harsh sunlight can tarnish the brilliant shine you love in your silver. It is important to remove your jewelry when you are:

  • Doing household choirs
  • Going to the gym and exercising
  • Showering or bathing
  • Swimming
  • Doing outside chores such as working on your garden or flowerbeds.

Keeping our Sterling Silver Jewelry Clean.

There are many ways to keep your jewelry clean and ready to wear.  Here are some suggestions for at-home cleaning:

  • Start with Liquid Dish Soap and Water.  Use a soft toothbrush and gently wash your jewelry.  This should be what you try first when the tarnish starts.
  • Baking Soda and Water. Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply a small amount with a cloth or toothbrush. Again, rub gently, the baking soda offers a bit of abrasion, so you do not want to rub too hard.
  • Use a polishing cloth.  You can find professional polishing cloths, specific for Sterling Silver online that will easily take off the tarnish and give your sparling jewelry back.  Polishing cloths are not going to take off years of tarnish, but regular use will keep your jewelry looking great!

Store your jewelry to prevent tarnish.

  • Keep it in a cool dark place:  Sunlight, heat and moisture accelerate tarnishing. Keeping your jewelry where it is cool and dark will reduce it.
  • Use air-tight storage containers: putting your jewelry in zip lock bags works great, but you can also find more attractive options in specialty jewelry bags.
  • Consider anti-tarnish strips. I find mine online and throw them in with all my jewelry as an extra measure.

Following these tips will keep your Cindy Gentry Designs, and your other sterling silver jewelry ready to delight your soul each time you put it on, for many years to come!


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